SAT and ACT Workshops


Whether your students have already taken the test and want to improve on those results or are just starting the preparation process, these workshops are the most efficient, cost-effective and engaging way to maximize scores.

The classes offer an intensive, thorough breakdown of the respective tests and a guide to motivated, enlightened, self-directed study. We explain how the tests are designed and the questions created. Official practice and previously administered tests are deconstructed and the trends in content are studied because familiarity with format and pattern repetition helps to eliminate surprises and reduces anxiety. We cover how and when to practice, how to evaluate performance, and then pinpoint the areas that need the most attention. We discuss how to set meaningful, realistic goals and design a strategy that will guide future practice. 

These workshops have motivated and empowered hundreds of area students to meet or exceed their score benchmarks. 

I will work with your school, organization or group to put together a program that maximizes everyone's time, effort, and energy.


Regardless of which workshop format best fits your needs, rest assured that your students will be receiving the most affordable, knowledgeable, and expert-level instruction available anywhere, focused on making the entire standardized test prep experience that much less of an anxiety-ridden, overwhelming and costly process.

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