Both of our boys needed help preparing for the SAT and ACT. Brian coached each of them individually, not only covering content and academic knowledge, but also, more importantly, how the tests worked and how to respond to specifics types of questions. Thanks to the time they spent with Brian, they approached the tests with confidence because they understood what to expect. They were both very happy with the scores they received.
— Kelli M. - Williamsville
Guided by Brian, I believe my maximum potential was achieved. I ended up getting a 31 on the ACT, including a perfect 36 on the Math section. Anyone who has worked with Brian would agree that he is a great motivator and his positive attitude makes him easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking to do their best on these exams.
— Allison Voll, USMA
Hi Brian, I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to every school I applied to and with very generous scholarship offers. I’ll be attending Richmond next fall! It was my top choice and I couldn’t be happier about my acceptance. Thank you so much for all your help with the process. Testing was my most stressful part of the application, and you certainly helped relieve some of that pressure! Thanks again for everything.
— Caitlin M. - University of Richmond
“I was really struggling with understanding the in’s and out’s of the SAT before I started working with Brian. He was able to present the material in a very clear and easy to understand way. Brian does a great job at reinforcing key themes on the SAT test and he really built up my confidence before the test. On top of all that, Brian is quite personable and actually made it interesting and fun to prepare for the SAT. And I guess in this day and age, results matter, and my score went up 120 points after working with Brian for 2 months. I highly recommend him!”
— Jack P -Buffalo
We simply can’t thank Brian enough. His incredible knowledge, accessibility, guidance, patience and thoughtfulness helped our son dramatically improve his SAT score by 210 points. The strategies that Brian employed taught our son to practice, stay focused, find and work on his weaknesses and along the way greatly improved his confidence. Brian is truly a terrific and caring person with a unique ability to connect and encourage young adults during the very stressful test preparation process. We look at Brian as a friend and mentor and we continue to utilize his expertise during the college application process. He will be the first person we contact when our next son starts preparing for the SAT and ACT.
— Terrance Ortalani, Nichols School Parent
I want to let you know how grateful I am for all the time and hard work you put into Joshua learning the SATs. I believe you did a lot more than that, and Joshua has said so over the year. He believes his reading comprehension and vocab have increased tremendously. You have also modeled discipline and that studying and spending time learning is the key to success, which we as his parents have always conveyed. Your values coincide with ours which make you a great teacher for Josh.
— Stephanie Segal, Williamsville North Parent
Brian is much more than a tutor, he is a mentor and a friend. A very intelligent, well spoken, kind man who has a talent for making learning challenging and fun, he has a distinctive ability to assess strengths and weaknesses and adjusts his teaching style to meet individual needs while working at the speed necessary to achieve success. He has a very approachable personality, is understanding of students demanding schedules, and works within their time constraints. Always enthusiastic and encouraging, he brings a team spirit to any learning task. Both after my daughter received her test scores and when she committed to Northeastern University one of our first calls was to Brian. I think that says it all !
— Rebecca Scamura, East Amherst
Brian is a true professional and a very effective tutor. He quickly identifies the areas needing improvement and outlines the goals and a strategy to meet them. He is amazingly efficient and uses every minute of the tutoring session. Brian has helped both my sons significantly improve their test scores.

— Elizabeth R, Buffalo, NY
“Hey Brian, I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the SAT & ACT. I just got my ACT scores back today and I scored 3 points better and if you super score the science section I believe it would be 4 points higher. I also thought the SAT went extremely well this second time. I felt relaxed and confident and the reading sections were no trouble using the strategies we worked on. So thank you!”
— M. O' Leary, Grand Island High School
I’m really glad I decided to sign up for the SAT class. I’ve improved on every practice test I’ve taken and I’m actually motivated to take a standardized test. I honestly never thought I’d be saying that but it’s true. You did a great job getting us ready for next week. Thank you!
— Cameron L. Niagara Falls, NY
“Now that I have been accepted to my top three schools, schools that last year were dreams I dared to dream, I wish I could repeat the process just so I would be able to have Brian as my tutor again!! Investing in a tutor like Brian not only helped me to succeed on the SAT’s, but also gave me an outlook on the next four years of my life with new insight, positivity and confidence.”
— Emilie Maggio GWU