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I am a Western New York-based private tutor, certified college counselor and founder of Courier College Prep, offering expert-level instruction for the PSAT, SAT, and the ACT, college essay assistance and admissions consulting. I have over 20 years of multi-subject and standardized test tutoring experience and am the author of 'Test Me!'- A Guide to Standardized Best Practices.

The motivated students I've prepared, either privately or in classroom settings, consistently go above and beyond the scores they thought possible, and come away with a    well-developed sense of confidence, purpose, and critical thinking skills that are directly transferable to other academic and life-pursuits, including building a smart and successful college selection strategy that empowers them to not only choose the schools best suited to them, but to reach the best version of themselves as well. 

From comprehensive test preparation to personalized consulting services, I’m here to guide you through the evolving world of college admissions and give you peace of mind along the way.






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