I am available to speak to parents and students on a range of topics at schools during college nights or general information seminars. Topics may include: 


The Importance placed on the SAT and ACT by College Admissions Officers -

I’ll discuss the role these tests play in admissions decisions at various colleges and universities; why some schools put more of a premium on scores than others; what schools are test ‘optional’ or test ‘flexible’ and what those designations really mean; and how higher ACT and SAT scores are strongly linked to scholarships and merit-based financial aid.

The Standardized Test Preparation Process

Test Prep is a BIG business. Families spend millions of dollars every year preparing for the SAT and ACT, and as the admissions landscape at many colleges becomes ever more competitive, that figure only stands to grow. Test Prep companies are very good at raising people's anxieties, but their results are exceptionally variable, subject to much debate, and come with no ‘hard data’ to substantiate their often breathless claims. My entire tutoring philosophy has always been that when the virtues of self-discipline, commitment, and responsibility work in concert with one another, a student is able to set off on a course of self-study and do very well for themselves, at a very significant cost-savings.

I’ll explain how to make sense of all the sound and fury so that parents see the process the way it should be seen and how they can ensure they’re making the wisest, most well-informed and financially sound decisions possible.